Friday Flights Deals: The Cheapest and Best Deals from Major U.S. Cities (February 2nd)

Welcome to Friday Flight Deals, a weekly update on some of the best domestic and international flight deals from major U.S. cities.

The purpose of Friday Flight Deals is not only to let you in on cheap or rare flight deals from your city, but to also show that it isn’t as expensive as people think to travel by air, domestically or internationally!

flight deals

Helpful hint:

 We find flight deals primarily on google flights. When you select your dates, it shows you different prices for when you would leave and how much it costs depending on the date you fly back, so it’s a good place if you are flexible and searching around for a future trip.

**We do not guarantee that the deals we list below will still be there when you go to look/buy them. A deal could go on for a week or two or be gone in 2 hours, unfortunately that is just how it goes ***

New York graphic

Flight deals from New York

Boston Header Graphic

flight deals from Boston

Miami Header

flight deals from Miami

Dallas Header Graphic

flight deals from Dallas

San Francisco Header Graphic

flight deals from San Francisco

Seattle Header Graphic

flight deals from Seattle


flight deals from Chicago

D.C. Header Graphic

flight deals from D.C.

Tampa header graphic

flight deals from Tampa

Denver Header Graphic

flight deals from Denver

Atlanta Header Graphic

flight deals from Atlanta

flight deals from Las Vegas


flight deals from Los Angeles

We hope some of these deals are what you were searching for to satisfy your wanderlust bug!! We would love to hear form y’all if you are able to use any of these deals!


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