Travel Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Nomad

travel gift ideasPresents that revolve around travel always put a huge smile on the nomad wannabe in your life’s face (so ummm… hint hint mom). Anything that aides travel, enhances it, or just a way to document those little moments that will make us smile a year from now, will guarantee a successful gift-giving.

 So what are the newest/best products you can purchase for that wanderluster in your life? Sorted by budget, we break down the best travel gifts below:Travel gift ideas

Anywhere Travel Guide 

travel gift ideas “This deck of 75 cards features interactive prompts to make your next travel experience a true adventure”. This is the perfect gift for the adventurous and carefree nomad looking to spice up their adventures!! With unique actions and prompts on each card – this gift will make their next journey unforgettable!!
Price: $12

How to Pack: Travel Smart for Any Trip

travel gift ideas

Know someone (or yourself) who has trouble with packing, and by that, we mean they pack too much.? Well this will be there saving grace, we promise.
Price: $10

Heart Marks the Spot Pillow 

travel gift ideas Every nomad has a home base; this pillow is a cute and simple way to celebrate that home! It’s a beautiful reminder of the travels that were and the travels to come!
Price: $50

Eva NYC Mini Flat Iron

travel gift ideas

For the girls (or guys) who refuse to leave their straightener at home – this is the greatest solution and a pretty cute one at that.
Price: $30 

Traveholic Universal Travel Adapter 

Travel Gift ideas

Every nomad needs a travel adaptor or two to survive abroad, but some are much better than others and as far as travel gifts go, this is a necessity! ALSO: This adaptor will let you plug-in in 150 countries! 
Price: $18

Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

Ever go on vacation and try to bring your reusable water bottle but it ended up being too big, bulky or heavy? Well this is the perfect solution for you then! From touring a city in the heat of summer to biking on a mountain trail in Switzerland, water is essential and this makes it easy so you never have to worry about how thirsty you are again!
Price: $20

Travel Cord Roll

Travel gift ideas

Okay so for those who like to stay organized – or need help doing it – this is a life saver. Keep all your cords in place and untangled from each other to avoid some frustration!
Price: $20

Personalized Travel Journal

travel gift ideas

Cute and personalized, you can customize the quote on the front, the button used, the color of the book and you can also choose to put your name on the back or on the strap in the front for extra $$$. Perfect for those who love to document their travels on paper in a way that feels a little more special.
Price: from $24 then up when customized more  


travel gift ideas travel gift ideas

Having tried quite a few compression bags, all of which fail big time, the Rolo stands up to the challenge of packing more into tiny spaces. It can hang anywhere and can become your own mini closet while on the road! Watch this video to see why!
Price: $49

Camera Lens Pro

travel gift ideasThis gift turns can turn your phone into the camera of your dreams!! Some nomads already have cameras to take their more professional pictures, but let’s be honest they’re big, bulky, heavy and a pain to carry around. This is the perfect solution and it fits any iPhone, Android, Samsung, or Tablet 
Price: $32

Jet Set Passport Holder travel gift ideas

This beauty will keep their passport safe and sound before their next adventure!
Price: $26

HoodiePillow Brand (Inflatable) Travel Hoodie Pillow

travel gift ideas

Hoodie and a travel pillow? We don’t know quite why, but we love it and your stylish nomad will too!
Price: $24

Travel gift ideas

Malin + Goetz Weekender Set

Includes deodorant, hand creme, cleanser, face moisturizer, body wash, lip moisturizer all in small travel-sized bottles – and just like the product says – perfect for a weekend trip or even a week I’d say.
Price: $50

Chloe Zip Jewelry Case 

Travel gift ideas The perfect gift for your fashion savvy traveler!
Price: $79

Cityscape Bracelet 

Travel gift ideas I love Etsy presents because they are truly unique, so when I found this it caught my eye! With a stunning cityscape of your nomad’s favorite city from Barcelona, to Amsterdam and everywhere in-between I adore this gift!!
Price: $71

World Map Travel Toms 

Travel gift ideas Travel gift ideas  Another Etsy steal.. I have a personal connection to this gift! My family used to make fun of me for taking what they called “travel shoe” pictures. I have pictures of my Toms in Jordan, Dubai, and Paris just about anywhere they went with me so did a picture! That’s why I find this gift so unique… I’m also hoping I’m not the only weirdo that does that or this might seem absurd!!
Price: $99

Camera TripodTravel gift ideas

For the nomad who adventures alone or the one who loves their travel pictures, this is the perfect travel gift. There are so many times I have wanted a tripod but not had one, so put a smile on your nomad’s face!!
Price: $78

Travel gift ideas

Dji Mavic Drone

The perfect travel drone – Okay so the price can reach over $1000, but it is one of the best out there for its price and size. It can literally fit into a backpack, which means no spending money to check all the equipment that comes with bigger drones and it shoots video in 4k!
Price: $899 – just the drone
            $1149 – combo pack

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

travel gift ideas

For the avid-reader who refuses to not take their books with them on a trip, get them a Kindle! Lightweight, it can store hundreds of books that will make your book loving globe-trotter happy!
Price: $119

Bose QuietComfort 35 

What nomad doesn’t need an incredible pair of noise cancelling headphones! These baby’s can make coach feel like first class!
Current Price: $180

Barracuda Smart Collapsible Carry-on Luggage

travel gift ideas

From kickstarter to real life, the barracuda solves many of your traveling woes. For starters, it is collapsible so you can easily store it anywhere and you can even hang it up in your closet. Oh, and there is a USB OUTLET! You heard me right, no longer do you have to worry about dying phones when you can charge it from your fricken luggage! The luggage also comes with a laundry bag and two bags to hold your shoes, and for a little more $$$, you can get a luggage tracker and weight scale.
Price: $279

Spectacles – Sunglasses for Snapchat

travel gift ideas

We’ve all seen at least one person walking around with these babies on. How do you capture moments from your travel without ever looking at a screen? Easy, you capture the moment through your sunglasses and sink those memories to your snapchat – genius!
Price: $129

GoTenna – text & GPS

Travel gift ideas

Every nomad knows, sometimes having no signal or connection comes at the worst possible moment (not that being disconnected from the world and technology is bad!).  GoTenna realized this problem and of course, came up with solution that creates its a off-grid network for users to text and share GPS locations when there is no cell location in the area, guaranteeing you can always stay connected in case anything ever happens!
Price: $149

GoPro HERO5 Black Certified Refurbished

travel gift ideas

Having a GoPro, while not cheap, is a worthy investment. The perfect adventure accessory, it takes super clear and amazing photos in air or under water. Having a GoPro, which are super durable, will allow you to capture the moment anywhere, anytime! This one is refurbished, but GoPro promises that it works the same as if it were brand new, allowing you to save a couple 100 on one of the newer versions of the camera!
Price: $290

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