This Travel Ted Talk Reminded Me of The True Reason I Love to travel

Today, the wanderlust bug has spread and infected millions. The introduction of advance technology like our smartphones and tablets can take us anywhere around the globe in literal seconds through a glass screen. It is so available to us that we some times take it for granted, but in a recent travel ted talk I watched, I was quickly reminded of the true reason I love to travel.

My grandfather was an amazing man who was a huge inspiration to me and the real reason I have always been infatuated with exploring new places, cultures, and people. He had walls of photos of him and my grandmother’s travels, them in front of the Taj Mahal, the Sydney Opera House, in Buenos Aires, and so on. My grandfather would share with me memories of his trips and things about different countries they had traveled to. He sprouted my curiosity to explore the world and discover these and other places for myself.

Now recently, in my sociology class, my awesome professor showed us a travel ted talk from Rick Steves. If you love traveling, you probably know who this man is. Rick Steves is one of the oldest but most definitely one of the wisest in the travel industry. A travel writer and best known for his t.v. program Rick Steves’ Europe, he has spent a third of his adult life in a suitcase traveling around the world. I used to always watch his videos for inspiration  (you can find all on Rick Steve’s Youtube page) and I even watched some a few a months ago before going to Europe this past summer (yes it is old school but old school is always good). His videos are engaging and he actually leads you through a place and tells you the history of it. He always has a local take him to traditional restaurants, shows, local-only parts of town, etc.. Steves passion for travel and eagerness to show everyone the world and every great part of it inspires me.
In his travel ted talk, he talks about the real value of travel and how it opens you up to new cultures and experiences. Just listen to him and you will know just what I am talking about:

Let me know your thoughts on this video! I found it very inspiring (showed it to maybe 4 or 5 different people already) and love the message behind it, so comment below on your opinion!






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