Friday Flight Deals: The Best Flight Deals of the Week (September 8th)

Welcome to Friday Flight Deals, a weekly update on some of the best flight deals from major U.S. cities.

Helpful hint: I find flight deals primarily on google flights. When you select your dates, it shows you different prices for when you would leave and how much it costs depending on the date you fly back, so it’s a good place if you are flexible and searching around for a future trip. 

New York


To Muscat, Oman

$650 roundtrip

-November – Early March

Excluding Holidays

-Airlines: American, British Airways

-Notes: Oman, located just south of the United Arab

Emirates is a safe and beautiful middle eastern country

that is becoming noticed so go with this deal before it

becomes too popular of a route

To Rome

From $320 to $420 roundtrip 

– Late January to March

Excluding Holidays


Notes: Nonstop and as low as $320!

To Curaçao

-$300 roundtrip


Excluding ALL holidays

-Airlines: American

-Notes: Usually around $500-$700 roundtrip,

take a trip to this southern Caribbean island with

some amazing clear blue water and friendly locals!



To Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

-$800 roundtrip

-Late November to May

Excluding All holidays

-Airlines: Korean Air, Delta

-Notes: $800 is a lot I know, but prices usually are more around $1100-$1300 on average and these are two great airlines to fly on as well! So if you want to go to Vietnam, book now!

To Aruba

-$200 roundtrip

-Scattered September to March

Excluding holidays

-Airlines: American


Fort Lauderdale


To Quito

$298-$366 roundtrip

-November to May

Including Thanksgiving

Excluding Christmas/New Years

-Airline: JetBlue 

-Notes: Nonstop flights to Quito from Fort Lauderdale. Great price. More roundtrip tickets in the $366 range, with $298 scattered randomly, including Thanksgiving!



To Panama City

-$350 roundtrip!

-Just October

Excluding ALL holidays

-Airline: Spirit

-Notes: Usually $500-$700 roundtrip!

To Dubai

Mid $600’s roundtrip

-Select parts of November through March

Excluding holidays

-Airline: Delta, Virgin Atlantic




To Nairobi, Kenya

-from $660 roundtrip

-September through May

Including Thanksgiving and New Years

Excluding Christmas

-Airline: Swiss, Turkish Airlines, United, Klm and more!

-Notes: Time to explore more of Africa! Located close

to Mt. Kilimanjaro, perfect for adventurers!

To Bangkok

$590 roundtrip

-Scattered between November and May

Excluding ALL holidays

-Airlines: Asiana

-Notes: Prices scattered randomly throughout the

year with the biggest availability in February and March. 

Los Angeles


To Melbourne

$829 roundtrip

-March to May

Excluding Holidays

Airlines:  China Southern

Notes: Usually more than $1200 roundtrip.

To Budapest

$420 roundtrip

-Mostly September and some October *LAST MINUTE FLIGHTS*

Excluding ALL Holidays

-Airlines: Air Canada 

Notes: Usually around $700-$1000, great last minute flight deals

from the West Coast all the way to Eastern Europe

San Fransisco


To Marrakesh

$514 roundtrip

-November to early March

Including Thanksgiving and New Years

Excluding Christmas

Airlines:  Delta, Transavia

Notes: Flights are almost always over $1000 round trip,

so sweep this deal up quickly!

To Bali, Indonesia

From $645 roundtrip

-January to May

Excluding ALL Holidays

-Airlines: Singapore Airlines

Notes: The flight includes a 24 hour layover in Singapore,

but take a part of Singapore Airlines Stopover program

and discover the city for a day!



To Innsbruck

-$500 roundtrip

-October & November

Excluding Christmas/New Years

-Airlines: Delta

-Notes: Over $1000 roundtrip typically, Innsbruck is your

 quintessential mountain town in Austria that is the perfect ski trip!

Washington D.C.


To Stuttgart

-$511 roundtrip 

-Late October-March

Including Thanksgiving and New Years!

Excluding Christmas

-Airlines: Delta, KLM

-Notes: Stuttgart isn’t like Munich or Frankfurt or Berlin

for that matter, flight deals this cheap don’t come around

too often so jump on it if you are in the D.C. area!



To Dublin

From $444 roundtrip

-Scattered November to March

Including ALL holidays

-Airlines: United, Lufthansa, Air Canada 



To Athens

From $530 roundtrip

-Scattered from October to February

Including Thanksgiving and New Years

Excluding Christmas

-Airlines: Delta, KLM, Air Canada 


Have any requests like departure cities I should add to the list, or some that I should look for more flight deals from? Or maybe you know of a good deal! Whatever it is, send it my way! Leave a comment bellow!












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