Traveling With Friends: Why You Should and Where

There is nothing better than traveling with some of your best friends. Whether it be just one friend or a whole group, it can be an awesome experience.

Even before the actual traveling part, it is so exciting planning and talking about the trip before hand. It gets me counting down the days until we leave for whatever adventure is about to happen.

You are friends with people for a reason, because you enjoy their company and probably have similar interests. Being similar means that you’re likely to want to do the same things, making picking out what to do easy and allowing the trip to go a lot smoother.

They will also push you out of your comfort zone when traveling together. I mean this in a completely good way and you will do things that you probably never planned to like climbing a mountain or getting a tattoo. It’s okay though, they become great stories or pictures to look back on after the trip comes to an end!

You are with your friends 24/7 when you travel. If you are good friends though, it shouldn’t really be a problem. It just makes you closer and bond in ways you never have before. You will learn things about them you probably never knew before and you end up appreciating them more than you did before you travel with them. But overall, you get to experience different cultures together somewhere halfway across the world from where your friendship began.

You sometimes are faced with bumps in the road when you travel. But there aren’t many people other than some of my best friends that I would want to be in or help me get out of a sticky situation with.

You will go on so many planned and unplanned adventures while traveling with your friends. While we never want them to end, we often get some crazy memories and amazing pictures.

So where should you travel with your friend now that I have convinced you to travel with them in the first place? With a little help from Danielle and Jordan, we’ve come up with some great places to travel with friends!

First domestic and then international locations. These are places that are amazing nonetheless but even better when experienced with a friend by your side:



Colorado holds some of the most beautiful natural settings in the United States. From the Rocky Mountains to the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve. Denver also has been growing rapidly in the past few years, the bar and craft brewery scene are very popular in the capital. The reason you should go with your friends? The adventure! Whether you go in the warmer months or colder, Colorado should be the official home to outdoor activities in the states. Hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding, going to hot springs and so on are all waiting for you!

I actually will be in Colorado this weekend, so look for future posts on the beautiful state and follow me along on Instagram while I am there!!



Why is Austin the perfect girls trip?! Well for starter’s there’s everything imaginable to do. It’s by far the best city in Teas (I should know I’m from Texas). Texas has a very strong stereotype and Austin breaks every single bit of that! Texas is flat and all we do is eat and shop (which isn’t too bad) but in Austin, there’s hiking, river/lake activities, the best food you can imagine, and it’s the live music capital of the world and they have some of the best trendy bars. Basically, it’s the girls trip you’ve been dreaming of!! I’ve done this as a weekend trip with a girlfriend and we didn’t want to leave! We went to The Hope Gallery (graffiti park) and took amazing Insta pics and ventured out to Hamilton Pool, and shopped along South Congress (SOCO if you want to sound like a local)!


West Coast Road trip

We’d all be lying if we said we’ve never dreamed of the ultimate US roundtrip! Well Pacific Coast Highway (Route 1) is that dream! You can do just about anything, start in Washington, or Oregon or even San Francisco and take it wherever you want. It’s so easily customizable AND along this route there’s always really gorgeous Airbnb’s too! My friend Courtney gave me some insider tip on where to stop in Cali along the way that you might not have heard of, Hurst Castle in Saint Louis Obispo (SLO) and the cutest village: Carmel! My own personal recommendation is heading down to San Diego and going paragliding at Torrey Pines Gliderport, that’s a truly special thing to do and the views are incredible! I mean who wouldn’t want to jump off cliffs with their friends and casually glide above the coast of Cali?!


New York City

New York may seem cliche for a friend-vacay, but it’s New York City, and no place compares. I am always surprised when a friend of mine tells me they have never been! It is the perfect city escape with probably over a million different things for you to do that will fit every friend’s interest. Just to name a few: world class museums like the Moma, plenty of parks to be a bum in (think Central or Battery Park), bike paths along both rivers, a picturesque ferry ride to Brooklyn, vintage shopping, world class international dining scene for every budget, broadway shows, skyline views at a fancy rooftop bar, food markets galore (some permanent, most not), the best artists at the best venues, and a million other things! New York can be expensive, but if you plan correctly, you can make out with some money still left in your wallet when you go home.




Of course you can expect to see Travel and Leisure’s pick for “Greatest City in the World” on our list of places you need to go with friends. Go for a stroll and some shopping on Rainbow Row or on King Street. If you are there on the Second Sunday of the month, King will be closed to vehicle traffic from 1 – 5 for street vendors, food and live performances. You can also enjoy the weekly farmer’s market held on Saturdays in Marion Square from early April to late November; This is also the time of year to experience the best weather with an annual high of 76. With beaches near by and endless amounts of good eats and bars this is a weekend getaway you and your friends should start planning, now.



The Valencian Region of Spain

Ah, the Valencian Comunidad better known as the place that stole my heart. My experience would not have been the same without the friends I spent it with, which is why I recommend you make this your next big trip with your favorite people. For starters, spend a week or even spend 24 hours in Valencia (if you don’t have much time). You and your friends will love walking around the city of science and enjoying the ancient atmosphere inside the city walls. Head to Calpe (pictured above) for a hike of a lifetime you’d only want to remember sharing with equally amazing people. Keep going South and stop in Benidorm for a night out you won’t forget (or remember) with over 60 clubs in 7 miles. Finish off the trip relaxing in Alicante at one of its amazing beaches and shop along the port at their infamous street stalls.



Who knew there was other countries other than Thailand and Cambodia in Southeast Asia (joking obviously)! Malaysia is a highly underrated melting pot of Indian, Malay and Chinese people with a fast growing capital city of Kuala Lumpur. You and your friends will love the city life with its crazy nightlife with a lot of sky bars and nightclubs that you and your friends can dance the night away in until your feet hurt. Even better, Kuala Lumpur has 878 islands that make up the nation with many uninhabited, perfect for a few days of laying in the sun, kayaking, and snorkeling above some beautiful/untouched coral reef. Visit Batu Caves, for amazing Hindu Art, go to the Cameron Highlands for hills that stretch for miles, and the Mulu Caves to see the largest underground cave chamber! The best part? Malaysia is dirt cheap like many of its sister countries, making it the perfect place for your friends and you to live like queens (or kings) for little to nothing!



Okay, here’s another one I’ve personally done with my best friend and it was one of the most memorable trips I’ve ever been on! Morocco is such a culturally rich country with amazing accommodations and food you’ll never want to stop eating! Why was it the perfect trip to do with friends? Because let’s be honest anywhere you go with your friends you’ll have fun, but choosing a location that has a bit of everything can take an amazing experience and turn it into an unforgettable one. We did a mini road trip while we were there, we explored markets in Marrakesh, and even visited with a local family that cooked us a meal. The possibilities are endless and you can combine all these fun cultural things with amazing resorts and resort activities.



Peru is perfect for your adventurous friends. I mean seriously, Machu Picchu with your best friends? I mean if that isn’t goals then I don’t know what is! You can visit Lima, a more modernized city where you can have the best ceviche at Punto Azul (from personal experience I can tell you it’s heavenly). Then head towards Cuzco which is more like a local city with so much to do around it like Inca ruins, Moray, and it’s where you can start the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu! Then of course you have to actually go to Machu Picchu, whether you bus up or hike up it’s so incredibly memorable and an amazing experience to share with your friends!


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