Flight Deals: Spring Break Edition From Major U.S. Cities

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Yes, yes, I know March is a long ways away. BUT, there is no amount of time in advance (unless flights aren’t even up yet then scratch that) that is too early to start planning a trip. The early bird catches the worm they say and the same holds true for getting the best prices and deals.

For me, I want my last spring break to be amazing and right now is the time to buy flights. Prices will stay low for another month or so before they start to slowly rise. Yeah flight deals will pop up from now until March, but lower prices in general are favorable if you can afford to start planning now.

Friday Flight Deals: Spring break edition thenomadicdreamers.com

With Jordans’ help, we have accumulated a list, inspired by Friday flight deals, but Spring Break edition. I’ll do this every month leading up to spring break, including February for those last minute planners. Stay tuned and watch out for the regular Friday flight deals as well!

*Disclaimer: some of these flight deals could be gone by the time you go to look at them, which is just the nature of it because some deals are here for a few days while some for a few hours.

So grab your friends, yourself, or even your dog and head off on an epic spring break! Separated by the city, happy traveling nomads:

New York


To Beijing 

-from EWR 

from $600 roundtrip

-all of March 

-Airlines: Air Canada 

To Frankfurt

-from JFK

-from $462 roundtrip

-Airlines: IcelandAir

-All of March

-Notes: Take advantage of IcelandAir’s stopover program

which allowsyou to stay a few days in the capital of the country,

 Reykjavik, without paying for another flight and split your spring

break between Germany and Iceland! 


Read more about Icelandair’s stopover programs and what other airlines have similar programs as well here.


To Havana

-from JFK

from high $200’s roundtrip & nonstop!

-All of March

-Airlines: Delta



To Grand Cayman

-From $200’s roundtrip

-Early and mid March

-Airlines: American

To Buenos Aires

-from $500 roundtrip

-All of March

-Airlines: American + Latam 

-Notes: for $511 roundtrip, the flight has two stops which sounds

bad but really only adds 3 more hours onto your journey compared to

taking a $580 roundtrip ticket with 1 stop.

To Paris

-from $420 roundtrip

-First half of March

-Airline: WOW

-Notes: While prices are in the low $400’s in early March,

you can still snag $500 roundtrip later in the month,

with 1 stop in Reykjavik.



To Dublin

-From $575 roundtrip

-All March

-Airline: Aer Lingus + American

-Notes: Prices to Dublin from Dallas are usually $1000 roundtrip. If your spring break

lands on March 17th as well, you could go celebrate St. Patrick’s day in the

biggest city you can celebrate it in!



To Budapest

-from $545 and up roundtrip

-All March

-Airline: Swiss, Lufthansa, American, Austrian, United, and more!

To Cabo San Lucas

–from $329 roundtrip

-Mostly early March with scattered deals throughout the month

-Airlines: American 

Los Angeles


To Kuala Lumpur

$500 roundtrip

-Scattered availability throughout March

Airlines:  Ana + United 

Notes: Stay in the Malaysian Capital for a few days before expanding

your travels around the country or take a short and

cheap flight to a neighboring country!

To Mexico City

–From $178 roundtrip

-Mostly early to mid March

-Airlines: Volaris

Notes: Mexico City is a culinary lovers delight for all my foodies

out there! Full of culture and deep rooted history and a great

starting point for a week’s travel through the country with some friends!

San Francisco


To Honolulu

$400-$500 roundtrip

-All March

-Airlines: Alaskan, Hawaiian, United, Virgin America 

-Notes: $400 early in the month, $500 later in the month



To London

$272 and up roundtrip!

-Scattered throughout the month

-Airlines: Norwegian

-Notes: Cheaper to fly across the pond then down to the caribbean.

Been to London already? Just use this as a starting point to explore

the rest of the U.K. or another part of Europe!

Washington D.C.


To Trinidad

$300-$370 roundtrip

-Scattered around March

-Airlines: American, United

To Rome

-around $475-$520 roundtrip

-Scattered around March

-Airlines: Delta, Alitalia 



To Cancun

–From $230 roundtrip

-Scattered throughout March

-Airlines: Frontier 



To San José, Costa Rica

$230 and up roundtrip

-Scattered throughout March

-Airlines: Spirit



To Aruba

From $428 roundtrip

-All March

-Airlines: American

To Shanghai

-From $500 roundtrip

-All March

-Airlines: Air Canada, Asiana 



To Maui

-$420-$500 roundtrip

-All March

-Airlines: Hawaiian

Is your point of departure represented? Let me know in the comment section below! Also let me know if you end up booking any of these deals!



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