Friday Flight Deals: The best flight deals of the week

While I love everything travel, I am definitely not an expert yet. I do consider myself particularly skilled in finding good flight deals though.

So I thought I would put this particular “skill” to work and make it into a post, every Friday. That way, you can keep up with the latest flight deals as well ūüôā

This is for people who are looking to get the most bang for their buck and don’t mind going somewhere different because of a good flight deal. It is also for those who maybe have always wanted to go to a certain place and want to keep track of deals to that location. Whatever you are looking for, stick around for each Friday, when I post more flight deals of the week.

Note: sorry to my counterparts who are not in the U.S.. For now at least, all flight deals will originate from cities in the United States.

Helpful hint:¬†I find flight deals primarily on google flights.¬†When you select your dates, it shows you different prices for when you would leave and how much it costs depending on the date you fly back, so it’s a good place if you are flexible and searching around for a future trip.¬†

So here are the best flight deals that you honestly can’t pass up to places all around the world, separated by departure city. Enjoy and happy booking:

New York


To Hong Kong

-from $550 roundtrip

-Late October – Early May

-Including Thanksgiving

-Excluding Christmas and New Years

-Airlines: United, Air China, Air Canada, China Eastern

To London

-$300-$500 roundtrip

– September-May

-Including Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Years

-Airlines: Varies on part of year. Includes Norwegian, Icelandair, etc.

-Notes: Around the holidays, prices are on the higher side,

but on the off months like September or March flights are as cheap

as $333 roundtrip!

To Kuala Lumpur

-from the low 500’s

-January-April mainly with some availability in fall

-Including Thanksgiving

-Excluding Christmas/New Years

-Airlines: Ana, United

-Notes: Usually more than $900-$1000 roundtrip.

This is an awesome deal to Malaysia, and a good starting point

to explore other areas, with flights to places like Bangkok and Hong

Kong being only $50 one way!



To São Paulo

-From the mid $400’s to $500 roundtrip

-Late January-June

-Excluding Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Years

-Airlines: Latam

Notes: These are great flight deals to the a place that is

usually double the price to fly to. The only downside to this deal is

that for this price, you have 2 layovers with a whole day of travel…

but it may be worth it!

To Belize City

-$200 roundtrip

-Mostly January and February and scattered through October-December

-Excluding holidays

-Airlines: American

To Vancouver

-from $300 roundtrip

-Mostly mid September-December

-Excluding major holidays

-Airline: American, United



To Maui

-From the low $500’s roundtrip!

-Mostly September-February

-Excluding holidays

-Airline: Virgin America + Hawaiian or Alaskan

-Notes: These are great fares, but really look out

for even better deals soon since price wars between airlines

are expected on routes to Hawaii!

To Moscow

Mid $600’s roundtrip¬†

-Select days January-March

-Excluding holidays

-Airline: Aeroflot + Delta or Alaskan Airlines

-Notes: Flights are usually in the $1,000’s so this will save you

a good $400-600 if you have always wanted to visit the city/country.



To Beijing

-from $529 roundtrip

-September through July

-Including Thanksgiving and New Years

-Excluding Christmas

-Airline: United, American 

To Mexico City

Low $200’s to high low 200’s

-Scattered through September through May

-Including Thanksgiving

-Excluding Christmas/Thanksgiving

-Notes: A lot of roundtrip prices at $200 roundtrip

in October especially and $300 roundtrip in November

for a tropical Thanksgiving!

Los Angeles


To Auckland

$829 roundtrip

-February and March

-Including Thanksgiving

-Excluding Christmas/Thanksgiving

Airlines:  Quantas and American

Notes: Usually more than $1100 roundtrip,

deal could be gone soon!

To Shanghai

From $400 roundtrip

-Mostly September and some October

-Excluding ALL Holidays

-Airlines: China Southern, United, Air China, Ava

Notes: Flights are cheapest this upcoming month at $400 roundtrip!

Flights are usually in the $700-$1000 range! United also has a lot

of flights throughout the year for about $530 roundtrip, nonstop!




-$210 and up roundtrip!

-Scattered availability October to February

-Excluding ALL holidays

-Airlines: WOW

-Notes: Basically cheaper to fly to Iceland than to Florida, how?!

Washington D.C.


To Cape Town

-$780 roundtrip

-Primarily January to April with some dates in the Fall

-Excluding all holidays

-Airlines: Ethiopian

-Notes: Usually more than $1,200 roundtrip. Perfect time

in January to escape the freezing temperatures of the

Northern Hemisphere for Summer again.



To Edinburgh

From $550 roundtrip

-Scattered November to February

-Excluding Holidays

-Airlines: Aer Lingus + JetBlue 

Have any requests like departure cities I should add to the list, or some that I should look for more flight deals from? Or maybe you know of a good deal! Whatever it is, send it my way! Leave a comment bellow!





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