Inside Casa Mula: the Perfect Airbnb in Sedella, Spain

I love airbnb’s. They offer you so much more than a hotel does. One, they can be cheaper, in more convenient locations and they can make you almost feel like a local, kind of. But even though you can’t actually be a local, it can put you right in the middle of them, letting you go stay and get to know places you may have never discovered if not through Airbnb.

I quite literally typed in Spain as my destination when looking for a place on the site. Danielle and I were taking a road trip from Alicante and so I zoomed in on southern Spain on the map and clicked through a bunch of airbnbs before I came upon Casa Mula in Sedella, Spain. Maybe the cutest airbnb on earth, and for only $66/night during peak summer, we were sold.

I showed you how dreamy Analucía, Spain is here. What made the road trip even better for us? Really this airbnb.

First off, our host Caroline, is the sweetest women alive who moved to Sedella from England almost 20 years ago. Her and her husband live in the town still. She has a booklet of suggestions on different places and activities to do in the area that really helped us out when deciding what to do, so thank you Caroline!!

Coffee with this view from the balcony: priceless

Casa Mula once actually was a Mule house. When we got there, Caroline gave a grand tour of the four story place, 2 of the floors being added on when they renovated the place to make it livable. The first floor was where the mule was held and on the second, goats. Today, the kitchen is once where the Mule would be, and a cute living area fills the second floor. On the third, a beautiful and simple bedroom, and the fourth and best floor, the ROOFTOP TERRACE. Oh yes. Everything about the place I could die a million times over for being so amazing but this rooftop was on another level (literally).

Sedella is a traditional Pueblo Blanco (white village), situated in the Tejeda and Almijara mountain range, and as you can imagine, all the buildings are…..white. The rooftops are terra-cotta, burnt orange and when the sun would set, no words can describe laying out on the two lounge chairs looking at a cotton candy sky turn into a fiery red that lit up the sky and most of the charming old town.

One of the best parts of the Sedella was that no tourists were around. Caroline told us that while maybe a few other tourists were there, for the most part, Sedella is still a working village. Everyone knows everyone. Also things happen when they happen here, the store doesn’t open exactly at 9 but when the shop owner gets there and feels like opening, so no strict schedule.

My favorite part: when our host told us that during the week, the bread man would come through the streets and honk his horn and sell his bread to the locals. Now only if I could find a man like him who will deliver me bread to my door step.

We only stayed three nights but when I do come back (because I 100% will), I definitely will stay for at least a week and explore the surrounding towns more, maybe go horseback riding in the mountains and explore more villages on the coast. You really can go anywhere from Sedella, for instance it is only 2 hours drive from Granada and an hour from the sea. The local charm blossoms here and it would be ashamed to miss it before everyone else discovers it!

Check out my photos (and some from the actual airbnb listing) of why Casa Mula and Sedella need to be on your travel horizon:

The Kitchen:

The 2nd floor living area:

The 3rd floor bedroom:

The rooftop terrace with some #foodporn and #viewsporn:

Danielle and I sippin’ on some good old Cava (Spanish Champagne):

Beautiful square in Sedella:


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