How to Spend Less on Long-term Parking at the Airport

Sometimes, you have no choice but to drive and leave your car at the airport. Of course Uber and other services make it so you don’t have to as much, but what if you are driving from an hour or more away. You aren’t going to Uber there because that would be an expensive Uber. It can costs hundreds of dollars to leave your car at the airport too, something no one wants to do unless they have no other choice.

But, what if I told you there was a cheaper way. One that would cut what you would pay for parking at the airport by half if not more. You must be asking yourself, is this possible? Oh yes, my friends, it’s possible.

Hotel parking is what it is and it’s the real deal. I didn’t even know about this until I was contemplating if I should fly from Tampa to Miami ($100 roundtrip) to avoid driving and spend $17/day on long-term parking at the Miami airport. I was going away for 2 weeks, so imagining the price, obviously flying was the cheaper option, but I just couldn’t find flights that worked. I really didn’t want to spend so much extra just to park my car, but then I was told of hotel parking.

Many airport hotels let you park your car in their parking lots for A WHOLE LOT CHEAPER. I paid for 14 days, $7/day and paid around $100 dollars in total, saving a whole lot more that I could spend on more important things (like that pretty dress I had to have from Rome, sigh). I also got to take the shuttle to and from the airport for FREE back to where my car was.

There are plenty of sites you can look into this and/or book your parking spot. The one that I used and recommend is Airport Parking Reservations.

Just to show you how much you could really save, I pulled up some examples to show you side by side comparison of price per day at a hotel parking lot verse long-term parking at the airport.







Washington D.C.:


Do you have any more hacks to save money when it comes to travel or want to know about more hacks? Let us know in the comment section below!


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