Want Free Flights? Get This Travel-Friendly Credit Card

Chase Sapphire Preferred is the super man of credit cards. While there are many travel-friendly cards out there today, nothing trumps Chase’s Sapphire Preferred card. You get double the points on anything travel related, including airfare, trains, hotels, airbnbs, dining and so on, and no foreign transaction fees.

I got the Sapphire preferred card right before I studied abroad last year, and it paid off big time. Last summer I had to book a last minute flight from JFK to Rome, which was going to cost me $900, but I had over 100,000 points on my card and was able to get that whole round-trip ticket for FREE, with 35,000 points left to spare. Again a few months ago I booked another flight from Miami to Rome for $600 and got $350 off of that so I was only paying $250 for a round-trip non-stop ticket.

People look at me crazy everytime I say I’m traveling oversees again. I get “didn’t you just come back from somewhere?” And I’m just like, “Cash me traveling…how bow dah?”.

Moving on…

But really, I say “I got points b*tch”. I would have a whole lot less money and travel a whole lot less without my chase sapphire preferred card. It does wonders.

A little break down of its main benefits:

If you are worried about having two rewards accounts for different companies like another airline, chase has got you covered. They partner with big companies including many airlines and hotels (see above) so you can transfer your points on a 1-to-1 transfer basis.

You can add an authorized user to the card as well. So say you’re husband travels a lot, just like you. Add him as an authorized user, and he will get the credit card in the mail with his name on it. Then you both can use the card and the points gained by both of you individually will be combined and you can potentially build double the points in half the time and travel more (the goal).

So what are you waiting for? Get that card and start spending less on travel.

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