5 Things You Must Eat & Drink in Peru

Heading to Peru and looking forward to the food scene there? Well, you should be! It may be for the more adventurous foodies though, with some traditional dishes definitely not for the faint of heart (like guinea pig). But anyways, no matter what your thing is, Peruvian food is AMAZING and there is something for everyone.

Olivia Anderson shares her MUST list on what Peruvian food and drinks to try:

1. Ceviche 

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Originating in Peru, Ceviche is a fish dish (usually served with trout) cooked in lime, peppers, onions, corn and other garnishes. An acquired taste for sure, but definitely worth trying in the land where it was invented.

2.Guinea Pig (Cuy)

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Weird I know, but a delicacy to the Peruvian people; Guniea Pig is served fried, roasted and skewered on the side of the road. Locals say it tastes like rabbit, although I can’t confirm or deny as I didn’t have the guts to try it myself. You will however, find it on every lunch/dinner menu you come across.

3. Alpaca

Photo Credit: The Traveling Ginger

Slightly less weird than the last, but still quite unusual. Alpaca is another animal in abundance in Peru and thus a delicacy to the country. Another meal I couldn’t quite fathom ordering, however is said to be like horse…no thanks, but hey…to each their own.

4. Lomo saltado

Photo Credit: Soboresperu.com 

 A favorite of my brother and dad…in fact it was ordered at least once a day. A beef and vegetable dish cooked in a special soy sauce. Not as adventurous as the other two, but definitely more reasonable and delicious!

5. Pisco Sour

Photo Credit: Tastecocktails.com 

 The famous aperitif of Peru, a Pisco Sour is made with a specialized liqueur, lime, sugar syrup and whipped egg whites. If your unsure of giving it a try, it tastes quite like tequila and that, I can confirm.

Written by Olivia Anderson 

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