10 Struggles of Taking an Early Flight

Sometimes the initial thought of taking a super early flight (anything before 7 or 8 generally) seems great. But then the actual day comes and you really do have to wake up at 3 in the morning…


 1. The night before: setting the dreaded alarm(s) 


2. Morning of: first alarm goes off and there is still at least 3 hours of darkness left 

3. Second alarm goes off… you are now considering throwing your phone (or alarm) out the window

4. The third, fourth, and/or fifth (or more) alarm goes off, and some how, you gain enough energy to get up

  5. You hope taking a shower wakes you up 

6. You start hating yourself for not waking up when your first alarm went off so you had more time

9. You finish packing and leave for the airport, praying you didn’t forget anything (even after quadruple checking)

8. On your way to the airport, you start to feel awake and actually excited for your impending trip 

9. It is still so f*ing early when you get to the airport and the tiredness hits again… you walk through the security check like a zombie. 

 10. Finally, you get to your gate and suddenly, it doesn’t matter how early it is anymore because…



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